School of Medicine and Public Health

Dr Kelvin Kong


Dr Kelvin Kong, an otolaryngology, head and neck surgeon, is passionate about addressing the disparity in health outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children.

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Professor Julie Byles

Ageing and Gender

Professor Julie Byles is the Director of the University of Newcastle's Priority Research Centre for Gender, Health and Ageing. A key activity of the Centre is the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health which aims to identify biological, psychosocial and environmental factors affecting the health of women from all walks of life.

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Professor Marjorie Walker

Anatomical Pathology

Professor Walker’s work explores several facets: pathology in the gut in dyspepsia and irritable bowel syndrome, the relationship between brain and gut health in gastroenterology, coeliac disease and also unique biomarkers in prostate cancer.

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Dr Rebecca Wyse

Behavioural Science - Childhood Obesity

Dr Rebecca Wyse is a behavioural scientist with the career objective of reversing increasing population rates of childhood obesity. Her applied research involves settings-based interventions in schools and childcare services to facilitate healthy behaviours in the people within them.

Dr Luke Wolfenden

Behavioural Science - Chronic Disease

Dr Luke Wolfenden's research into the modifiable risks of chronic health conditions and injury is helping the community to improve their overall wellbeing.

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Professor Billie Bonevski

Behavioural Science - Smoking Cessation

Professor Billie Bonevski is a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Career Development Fellow and Behavioural Scientist whose smoking cessation programs are being implemented by Cancer Councils across the nation.

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Conjoint Professor Peter Gibson

Cardiovascular Medicine and Haematology

Professor Peter Gibson is a world leading authority in asthma, respiratory physician at the John Hunter Hospital and co-director of the Priority Research Centre for Asthma and Respiratory Diseases.

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Dr Geoff Isbister

Clinical Toxicology

Clinical researcher Dr Geoff Isbister courts controversy as he challenges time-honoured beliefs about the treatments given to envenomed patients.

Professor John Attia

Clinical Epidemiology

Professor Attia's research expertise includes clinical, molecular, and genetic epidemiology methods. He is also Director of the Clinical Research Design, IT and Statistical Support (CReDITSS) Unit.

Professor Jennifer Martin

Clinical Pharmacology

Optimising choice, dose and timing of medicines for a particular patient are the focus of Professor Jennifer Martin's clinical work and research career.

Laureate Professor Nick Talley


Laureate Professor Nick Talley is a neurogastroenterologist, a specialist in unexplained gut disorders affecting nerves and muscles such as irritable bowel syndrome, severe indigestion and slow stomach emptying, conditions which affect millions of people.

Professor Christine Paul

Health Behaviour Sciences

A/Prof Chris Paul is an NHMRC Career Development Fellow with the School of Medicine and Public Health, Priority Research Centre for Health Behaviour and Hunter Medical Research Institute. Her work spans preventive health issues and provision of patient care.

Dr Mariko Carey

Health Behaviour Interventions

Dr Mariko Carey is a NHMRC Translating Research into Practice (TRIP) Fellow working within the Priority Research Centre for Health Behaviour. Key research interests include health behaviour interventions, measurement of patient reported outcomes, multidisciplinary care, systems of care, evidence-based practice and quality of care.

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Dr Kym Rae

Indigenous Health

As Director of the Gomeroi gaaynggal Arts Health and Research Programs, Dr Kym Rae creates a link between community and research scientists, working together to facilitate tangible improvements to Indigenous perinatal outcomes.

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Dr Gillian Gould

Indigenous Health

Dr Gould’s primary research focus is strategies to improve the risks from tobacco smoking for Indigenous Australians. She is an NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow (Australian Public Health and Health Services). The focus of the fellowship is improving cessation strategies for pregnant Indigenous smokers

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Professor Amanda Baker

Mental Health and substance use

Professor Amanda Baker is a National Health and Medical Research Council Senior Research Fellow at the University of Newcastle. An award winning innovator, she specializes in the treatment of co-existing mental health and substance use problems.

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Dr Emma Beckett

Molecular Nutrition

Dr Emma Beckett is exploring the genetic secrets behind microbiomes and whether you really are what you eat.

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Dr Andrew Bivard


Dr Andrew Bivard is an award-winning imaging expert who is working on an HMRI clinical trial of the clot-busting drug Tenecteplase involving 20 stroke centres across Australia, and 50 world-wide.

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Conjoint Professor Chris Levi


Working on eight ground-breaking research projects, internationally renowned researcher Conjoint Professor Chris Levi is on a medical mission to cure stroke.

Dr Andrew Gardner


Dr Gardner is an early career research clinician, working in a full-time capacity as a Neuropsychologist for the Hunter New England Local Health District in the Neuropsychiatry Service. He is also a Co-Director of the Hunter New England Local Health District's Sport Concussion Clinic, an Executive Committee Member of the Priority Research Centre for Stroke and Brain Injury, and serves as a member of the Australian Rugby Union's (ARUs) Concussion Advisory Group.

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Professor John Forbes

Oncology and Carcinogenesis - Breast Cancer

Professor John Forbes AM is an internationally renowned researcher in the field of breast cancer prevention and treatment, with a number of pioneering breakthroughs credited with saving millions of women's lives over his 40 year career.

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Dr Adam Collison

Public Health

Dr Adam Collison’s research explores why some people develop allergies, while others, who are exposed to the same triggers don’t. His work is focussed on the exposures that occur in the first years of life, including in-utero.

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Associate Professor Deb Loxton

Public Health

Associate Professor Deb Loxton examines the health and wellbeing of women who have lived with violent partners, and the impact of reproductive health options and choices on women.

Dr Alexis Hure

Public Health

Dr Alexis Hure's research expertise are in the areas of fetal growth, breastfeeding, child nutrition, nutrition during pregnancy, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity, developmental origins of health and disease and methyl metabolism and epigenetic programming.

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Professor John Wiggers

Public Health

Professor Wiggers focuses on population health research, particularly in the area of re-orientating health and other agencies towards the adoption of policies and practices that have a disease prevention and health risk reduction focus. This work has primarily involved research in changing the service delivery practices of agencies with regard to the prevention of obesity, and to reducing alcohol and tobacco related harms.

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Laureate Professor Rob Sanson-Fisher

Public Health and Health Services

Laureate Professor Robert Sanson-Fisher is an internationally recognised cancer care and health behaviour expert. His latest ground-breaking research aims to reshape thinking surrounding death and chronic illness, so that end-of-life preparations are as thorough as preparing for the birth of a child.

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Professor Roger Smith

Reproductive Medicine

A self-described 'specialised zoologist,' Professor Roger Smith is keen on understanding the idiosyncrasies, interactions and inner workings of multiple animal species but especially human.

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Dr Jonathan Paul

Reproductive Medicine

An emerging leader in the field of reproductive medicine, Dr Jonathan Paul has been internationally recognised for his work on targeting therapeutic nanoparticles to the muscle cells of the uterus.

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Associate Professor Jodie Simpson

Respiratory Diseases

Associate Professor Jodie Simpson's pioneering research has changed the focus of asthma treatment and promises new relief for many who suffer from the disease.

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Professor Ulli Schall

Schizophrenia Research

Professor Ulrich (Ulli) Schall investigates cerebral activity to better understand the riddles of the brain.

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Professor Brian Kelly

Clinical Science - Neurology and Psychiatry

Professor Brian Kelly believes mental illness is not the sole domain of psychiatrists and psychologists but the responsibility of many in the health system.

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Dr Chris Williams

Musculoskeletal Pain

Dr Chris Williams is an HMRI Postdoctoral Research Fellow working with Hunter New England Population Health and the University of Newcastle's School of Medicine and Public Health in the field of musculoskeletal pain.

Dr Meredith Tavener

Social Gerontologist

As a social gerontologist, Dr Meredith Tavener's research encompasses identity in older age, women's health across the life course, baby boomers, narrative analysis, and qualitative methodologies.

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