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Quality Teaching Rounds

Quality Teaching Rounds (QTR) is a ground-breaking approach to teacher professional development, with demonstrated impact on quality of teaching, teacher morale and school culture. It empowers teachers to enrich student learning through a collaborative, teacher-driven framework that enables participants to analyse and improve their practice. The approach applies across all subjects and year levels, and builds the confidence and capacity of teachers at all career stages.

QTR workshops are designed and delivered by the Quality Teaching Academy.

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Current research opportunities for schools

Queensland Department of Education Schools

Queensland Department of Education Schools

The Queensland Department of Education has partnered with the Teachers and Teaching Research Centre together with the Institute for Social Science Research at the University of Queensland to test the impact of Quality Teaching Rounds on student outcomes in Queensland in 2021. To be eligible, schools must have four teachers who will be teaching Year 5 and/or Year 6 in 2021 (can also include a group of schools). Eligible regions include Darling-Downs South West, North Coast, Metropolitan, and South East. Up to $7,000 is available to cover workshop attendance and teacher release.

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Quality Teaching Rounds Digital

Quality Teaching Rounds Digital

A randomised controlled Trial with 168 teachers from rural, remote and small NSW Department of Education schools to assess the impact of digitally delivered Quality Teaching Rounds. Up to $3,000 per teacher is available for teacher release. Register your interest here.

Phase 2 Building Capacity for Quality Teaching in Australian Schools

Phase 2 Building Capacity for Quality Teaching in Australian Schools

A large-scale randomised controlled trial that explores the effects of teachers’ participation in QTR on teaching practice, teacher wellbeing and morale and student outcomes (in Reading, Maths and Science and feelings of efficacy) relative to a form of peer observation and other forms of professional development happening in schools. Schools participating in this study receive funded places at QTR and peer observation workshops and funding for teacher release to participate in QTR per observation. Read more about the early results here.

Impact of COVID-19 on NSW school students

Impact of COVID-19 on NSW school students

NSW Department of Education partnered with the TTRC to investigate the impact of COVID-19 on student learning in 2020.

TTRC is uniquely positioned to conduct this research, having carried out baseline data collection for its QTR research project in Term 1 2020 and with directly comparable data collected in Terms 1 and 4 of 2019.  Read more about the project here.

What is QTR?

After taking part in a two-day workshop, teachers return to their schools and form professional learning communities (PLC) of four teachers to conduct a ‘set of rounds’. A ‘round’ typically occurs over a day, involving a professional reading discussion, a lesson observation coded through the lens of the Quality Teaching model, followed by deep analysis and discussion of the lesson. This process is repeated on separate days until each teacher in the PLC has taught an observed lesson.

The QTR process

The process of QTR

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