Cuplet Poetry Night

Cuplet is a monthly poetry event run and founded by NWN Research Assistant Claire Albrecht. It takes place every second Thursday of the month (usually) at The Beaumont, Hamilton (Newcastle, Australia). It features touring established poets as well as a curated section of local emerging writers.

Readers appear by invitation.

Feminist Poetry Workshop

The Feminist Poetry Workshop is run by Trisha Pender and is for absolute beginners, practicing, and published poets, who identify as female, including those from diverse cultures and LGBTIQ+ backgrounds.

Puncher & Wattmann

Puncher & Wattmann is an Australian independent publisher of quality writing, founded by NWN network director David Musgrave. Since 2005, Puncher & Wattmann have published anthologies and many award-winning books of poetry, novels, biography and critical non-fiction.

Slow Loris

Slow Loris is a poetry chapbook series published by Puncher & Wattmann and edited by NWN HDR researcher Chris Brown. The first release of four chapbooks featured NWN members Claire Albrecht and Trisha Pender. The next will be released late 2019.

NIPRS (Newcastle International Poetry Reading Society)

NIPRS is a poetry reading group organised by David Musgrave. We read, talk about it, decide what we read in a fortnight and then meet and read again. Simples. Contact David for more details.