The Nursing Research and Practice Development Unit (NRPDU) locates research into mental health nursing within a broad framework of mental health services research. The main focus of the program is to assess the effectiveness of nursing led psychological and psychosocial interventions using qualitative and/or quantitative research methods.

Recent and current projects include:

  • Research into the area of General Practice, Depression, Men's Health, Mental Health Care Coordination
  • A study of staff attitudes, knowledge and experience of consumers with borderline personality disorder
  • A study assessing the effectiveness of providing dialectical behaviour therapy for borderline personality disorder in a standard regional mental health service
  • A pragmatic trial of an anti-absconding intervention in adult acute mental health facilities
  • A study of new graduate nurses' transition from university to the mental health nursing workforce
  • A study of the therapeutic implications of patient swearing on nurses

Honours and research higher degree students undertaking research within the program are either directly involved in these projects or are working in related areas.