Professor Peter Stanwell

School of Health Sciences

Associate Professor Peter Stanwell is a Medical Radiation Practitioner applying Medical Imaging in the areas of diagnostic radiology, neurosciences, and cancer diagnostics. He is particularly interested in how medical imaging data can shed light on the pathogenic mechanisms associated with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), and how disturbances of those mechanisms impair cognition.

Associate Professor Helen Warren

Associate Professor
School of Health Sciences

Associate Professor Helen Warren-Forward is a medical physicist. Her research expertise is in medical dosimetry and radiation protection in the areas of diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine.

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Associate Professor Anthony Smith

Academic Lead, Research
University of Newcastle Department of Rural Health (Medical Imaging)

Associate Professor Tony Smith is a diagnostic radiographer. He is currently the Deputy Director of the University of Newcastle Department of Rural Health (UONDRH) Faculty of Health and Medicine. Tony’s research focuses on rural health workforce issues, with particular interest in the development of new models of care that incorporate interprofessional education and practice. He has a strong interest in rural and remote health care, especially as it relates to the delivery of medical imaging services.

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Dr Sharmaine McKiernan

School of Health Sciences

Dr Sharmaine McKiernan is a Radiographer and Sonographer who has worked clinically in both the private and public sector. She continues to use her skills clinically whilst also working at the University.  Sharmaine has an interest in health professional practice and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Her specialty is ultrasound and its clinical use.

Associate Professor Daphne James

Assistant Dean Education
Office PVC - Health, Medicine and Wellbeing

Dr Daphne James is a nuclear medicine technologist with over 25 years clinical experience. Daphne’s PhD focussed on strategies to identify early pregnancy in patients undergoing diagnostic imaging procedures to avoid unnecessary foetal irradiation. Her other research interests include occupational radiation exposure for medical radiation practitioners; scholarship of teaching and learning for health professionals; and the use of DEXA bone mineral analysis in cancer survivors.

Associate Professor Yolanda Surjan

Associate Professor
School of Health Sciences

Dr Yolanda Surjan has identified the critical need for an expert-led movement to translate radiation oncology treatments from the human realm to the animal sphere. Dr Surjan is committed to collaborative research and has international affiliations with experts in the field of equine ophthalmology in the UK as well as working relationships with multiple experts in the field of radiation oncology and medical physics in oncology.