Innovative Models of Care

Guest Speakers: Australian-American Health Policy Fellowship Awardees Lisa Angus and Kristina Weeks

Lisa Angus: Prior to being awarded the Australian-American Health Policy Fellowship, Lisa was Director of Health Policy Development at the Office for Health Policy and Research within the Oregon Health Authority. Lisa’s presentation focused on integrated models of care, which are at the centre of current health reform efforts in many countries. However, we lack clear evidence about what works best for whom, under what circumstances. Lisa presented on her project that systematically compares integration approaches across different models and settings in Australia, and assesses those approaches against a best practice framework.

Kristina Weeks: Kristina MHS, DrPH(c) is a faculty member in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. Kristina’s presentation focused on partnering with patients and families to deliver safe, high quality care. Patient experience is positively linked to patient safety and clinical effectiveness across a range of disease areas, however, realizing safer and more patient-centered care remains a challenge. Kristina presented on her project that identifies high performing hospitals in the provision of safe, patient-centered care in NSW.

Video: Innovative Models of Care