Beyond Maternal and Newborn mortality: Measuring quality of obstetric care in south Ethiopia

Name: Tesfalidet Tekelab Beyene

Supervisors: Professor Deborah Loxton, Laureate Professor Roger Smith, Dr Catherine Chojenta

Maternal death is only the tip of an iceberg; the base of the iceberg is the maternal morbidities and maternal near miss. For every mother who dies due to pregnancy-related causes, almost 30 mothers experience acute or chronic morbidities with severe maternal complications that affect the life of the mother physically and psychologically. Our aims is to identify the near miss cases in south Ethiopia. Assessing the near miss cases and deaths provides health workers and managers with a learning opportunity to use specific evidence based intervention to prevent and treat maternal and newborn morbidities. The findings of the study will be used as an evidence base for policy makers and stakeholders to inform the design of intervention strategies to tackle the problems of near miss cases. By addressing near miss events, maternal and infant mortality will also be reduced. It is also important to evaluate the quality of obstetric care by showing the maternal and neonatal mortality index and case fatality rate (CFR).