The Effect of Dietary Patterns on Maternal Morbidity (Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy and Anemia) in Ethiopia

Name: Kelemu T Kibret

Supervisors: Dr Catherine Chojenta, Professor Deborah Loxton, Dr Ellie Gresham


This project will address three main aims:

  1. To assess the effect of dietary pattern on risk of HDP, gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and pregnancy outcomes (low birth weight and preterm birth);
  2. To assess the spatial distribution and factors associated with maternal anemia in Ethiopia; and
  3. To determine the effects of maternal dietary patterns on the risk of hypertensive disorder of pregnancy and maternal anemia in North Shewa, Ethiopia.

To address the first aim, a systematic review with meta-analysis will be carried out. For the second aim, detail analysis of the Ethiopian Demographic and Health Survey 2016 (EDHS 2016) data will be performed using spatial analysis and multilevel modelling. The case-control study will be conducted among pregnant women in selected health facilities in North Shewa Zone, Ethiopia to address the third aim.