Determinants of Intimate Partner Violence during Pregnancy, and Its Relationship with Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Ethiopia: A Facility-Based Study

Name: Abdulbasit Musa Seid

Supervisors: Prof Deborah Loxton and Dr Catherine Chojenta


The overall aim of the research is to assess determinants of intimate partner violence during pregnancy, and its effect on adverse pregnancy outcomes including postnatal maternal mental health. It will investigate the factors that contribute to partner violence during pregnancy, whether partner violence has an association with adverse pregnancy outcomes (both for mother and fetus) and postnatal mental health (specifically postnatal depression and anxiety). The study participants will be women who gave birth at public hospitals in Harari region, east Ethiopia. Participants will be asked about their exposure to intimate partner violence, socio-demographic factors, social-relationship factors, marital, sexual and behavioural factors, reproductive history, adverse childhood experiences, and their mental health status. Consent will be obtained to access participants medical records in order to ascertain information related to adverse pregnancy outcomes.