Infant health

Lead: Dr Catherine Chojenta

Dr Chojenta has developed a program of research that is focusing on birth outcomes such as stillbirth, neonatal death, birth weight and congenital conditions. She also has a research interest in issues around breastfeeding as a key determinant of infant health and wellbeing. Dr Chojenta also has an interest in health services research and has been working on a number of projects to examine frequent users of health services, particularly women of reproductive age and their infants. She has employed a number of complex statistical techniques to interrogate both survey and administrative datasets to explore drivers of health services.

Dr Chojenta aims to produce high quality, high impact research into the health and wellbeing of mothers and their children. Her focus is on strengthening the evidence base for early intervention in order to prevent poor health – for example reducing the impact of poor maternal health in preconception and pregnancy on infant outcomes. To do this, she will use a variety of platforms including data linkage and complex quantitative data analysis, and in depth qualitative analysis to determine the factors that enable all children to enjoy the healthiest start to life.