Developmental & Reproductive Biology

Image from research landing page by Simone Stanger

The image is of a testis section and represents the production of sperm: the basic spermatogonia are pink, the developing acrosome is green and the DNA is blue.

The Developmental & Reproductive Biology group has a research focus on the spermatogenesis and folliculogenesis, in particular, stem cell maintenance, cell differentiation, meiosis and cell:cell interaction.

Research topics include:

  1. Effects of Xenobiotics on male and female fertility (EM, BN & SR),
  2. Exploitation of novel cell surface markers for sterilising agents (SR EM),
  3. Investigation of DNA repair proteins - roles in meiosis and cancer (BN EM),
  4. Molecular characterisation of RNA binding proteins in male and female germ cell development (EM),
  5. Mechanism of sperm egg recognition for contraceptive development- (BN),
  6. Chromatin remodelling - diagnostics for infertility (SR).