The University of Newcastle, Australia

Environments and the Dancing Body

Photo Credit: Domitilla Ferrari

A/Prof. Michelle Duffy, Dr Paul Atkinson (Monash) and Dr Nichola Wood (Uni. of Leeds)

This research investigates the concept of place as understood through the prism of dance as a particular form of sensuous mobility. Examining the dancing body reveals an unspoken corporeal knowledge that resides in our engagement with the everyday world. When we observe a movement, even inattentively, we understand that movement in terms of its relationship to a particular environment but also with regard to our own capacity to move.


Indicative Publications/Presentations:

Duffy, M, Atkinson, P, Wood, N (forthcoming) Thresholds of Representation: Physical disability in dance and perceptions of the moving bodyin C Boyd & C Edwardes (eds) Non-Representational Theory and the Creative Arts Bloomsbury

Atkinson, A, Duffy, M (2015) The Amplification of Affect: Tension, Intensity and Form in Avant-Garde Painting and Dance, in J Taylor (ed) Modernism and Affect Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press; pp. 94-110

Duffy, M, Atkinson, P (2014) Unnatural Movements: Modernism’s shaping of intimate relations in Stravinsky’s Le sacre du printemps, Affirmations: of the Modern 1(2): 95-119