Anarchist Geographies and Mutual Aid

Prof Simon SPringer/ Prof Marcelo Lopes de Souza (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil); Prof Richard J. White (Sheffield Hallam University, UK); A/Prof Federico Ferrettii (University College Dublin, Ireland); Dr. Anthony Ince (Cardiff University, UK)

Anarchism is a perennially misunderstood idea. Part of this project has been to reclaim a positive connotation for anarchism rather than its continual disparagement and incorrect alignment as a synonym for chaos and violence. Anarchism as a political philosophy is intended as the exact opposite of the ugly and twisted patterns and processes of domination. Instead, anarchism is indicative of relations of reciprocity, or what Kropotkin called ‘mutual aid’, as well as the perpetually unfolding processes of direct action, voluntary association, self-management, and grassroots democratic politics. In short, anarchism is a holistic and uncompromising demand for social justice.


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