Grassroots economic activism through food-based community enterprises

Jenny Cameron

This project focuses on community enterprises as a form of grassroots economic activism. It investigates how local communities are responding to concerns about food futures by experimenting with food-based community enterprises, specifically community supported agriculture and community gardening. The research is using workshop and field-trip based participatory research as well as more traditional interview-based methods.


Alternative food economies: a study of food sovereignty and its economic practices, Rhyall Gordon (2010—2014)


What are the health implications of economic diversity? A case study of a community garden, Jamie Pomfrett (2010)



Cameron J (with Manhood C and Pomfrett J) (2011) Bodily learning for a (climate) changing world: Registering differences through performative and collective research, Local Environment, 16(6) 493-508

Cameron J (2010) Business as usual or economic innovation?: Work, markets, Third Sector Review, Special Issue on Social Enterprise and Social Innovation, 16(2) 93-108

Presentations Include

Cameron J, Manhood C, and Pomfrett J (2010) Growing the community of community gardens: Research contributions, in B Turner, J Henryks and D Pearson (Eds.) Community Garden Conference: Promoting sustainability, health and inclusion in the city, 7-8 October 2010, proceedings, pp. 116-129.

Cameron J (2010) Take back the (food) economy: lessons from the hummingbird, Keynote Presentation, Fair Share Festival, Newcastle, October.
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Cameron J and Gordon R (2010) Building sustainable and ethical food futures through economic diversity: Options for a mid-sized city, The Future of Australia's Mid-Sized Cities, Latrobe University, Bendigo, VIC, September

Community Resources

Newcastle Community Garden Project (2010a) A community garden manifesto [online], Compiled by Jenny Cameron (with Jamie Pomfrett) University of Newcastle, Australia: Centre for Urban and Regional Studies.
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Newcastle Community Garden Project (2010b) A community garden manifesto: The contributing gardens [online], Compiled by Jenny Cameron, University of Newcastle, Australia: Centre for Urban and Regional Studies.
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Newcastle Community Garden Project (2010c) Place Stories website, Cameron J, Gardner C and Veenhuyzen J (2010)
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Social Accounting: A Practical Guide for Small Community Organisations and Enterprises, Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, The University of Newcastle, (38 pages).
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