Smart Health

Support, Motivation and Physical Activity Research
for Teachers' Health

Welcome! As part of your SMART Health support package, you will have access to our SMART Health website for the next 6 months.  We hope these support materials, along with the smartphone app and SMART Health Helpline, will help you to achieve and maintain your physical activity goals in the months and years ahead.

This website is split into 3 sections:

Active Body

SMART ACTIVE: 12 modules that cover a wide range of topics related to physical activity. Each module contains a variety of fitness tips, myths, research and educational resources. We recommend that you try and read one of these each fortnight – that way, you’ll get through all 12 by the end of 6 months.

SMART EXERCISES: Provides you with the physical activity recommendations for Australian adults, ideas for achieving adequate activity levels, as well as lots of photo examples of the resistance training exercises you learnt in your sessions with the Exercise Specialist.

Healthy Mind

Sometimes we are challenged by mind “traps” that can act as barriers to achieving our physical activity goals. In this section you will come across some of the more common mind “traps” and will receive useful information and advice to help you overcome the “traps”. Some are for men and some are for women.

Useful Links/Resources

With the plethora of health information available to the public online, it’s not always easy to sift out the most reliable information to give you the best start. We’ve listed a number of Australian-based organisations and their websites to help you to find evidence-based information on physical activity, diabetes, mental health and nutrition. We hope you find these links useful!