News • 12 Mar 2019

Brain blood flow and menstrual migraine: is there a link?

Poor blood vessel function, which has been linked with cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart disease, may also be implicated in migraine, researchers at the University of Newcastle and the Hunter Medical Research Institute say.

News • 14 Jan 2019

Blood sugar and brain health: how diabetes impacts the brain

Spikes and dips in blood sugar levels experienced in the daily management of diabetes can undermine mental abilities such as memory and attention span.

News • 7 Sep 2018

National nutrition study calls for young adults to trial real time diet feedback

Aiming to enhance young people’s health and nutrition awareness, University of Newcastle researchers are trialling a new technology-based instant feedback system in a nationwide study.

Dr Rachel Wong & Professor Peter Howe

News • 17 May 2017

Trial looking to spice up the brain benefits of fish oil

A nutritional study at the University of Newcastle (UON) will test for the first time whether the spice curcumin, taken in combination with fish oil, can further boost blood flow in the brain and enhance cognitive performance.

PhD student Jessica Ferguson and Professor Manohar Garg

News • 20 Mar 2017

Five-pronged approach to diabetes and heart disease

Nutrition researchers at the University of Newcastle have five new clinical trials concurrently under recruitment in the Hunter, aiming to combat type 2 diabetes and heart disease with an array of natural dietary supplements and tasty foods.

Dr Rachel Wong

News • 16 Feb 2017

Supplement shows postmenopausal benefits in cognition and pain

Taking a small dose of resveratrol twice daily can boost cognitive performance in postmenopausal women and also alleviate their experience of chronic pain, a study by the University of Newcastle’s Clinical Nutrition Research Centre has shown.

Fish oil study for blood pressure and brain performance

News • 15 Mar 2016

Fish oil study for blood pressure and brain performance

Adults with slightly elevated blood pressure are wanted for a University of Newcastle (UON) clinical trial evaluating the benefits of taking a fish oil supplement for brain health.