The Centre for Mass and Thermal Transport in Engineering Materials has a very strong research capability in the theory and simulation of mass and thermal transport in a wide variety of materials ranging from disordered and ordered multicomponent alloys to cation-mixed oxides, from metal/ceramic composites to fast ion conductors.

The engineering technologies that have been addressed range from nuclear fuels to low temperature batteries, from high temperature aircraft engine alloys to high temperature fuel cells.

Current research projects include:

  1. novel theory and analysis of the Onsager transport coefficients in mass and thermal transport applications;
  2. numerical experiment simulations combined with the CT scanning techniques to study mechanical, thermal and structure properties of innovative composite materials for biomedical and engineering applications;
  3. thermotransport (combined mass and thermal transport) problems in the liquid and solid states;
  4. diffusion mechanisms and kinetic phenomena in multicomponent alloys/intermetallic systems.

Numerical techniques used include the finite element method, Monte Carlo, molecular dynamics, molecular statics, first principles and combinations of some of these methods.