Spatial and Time-Dependent Reliability Analysis of Structures Subject to Reinforcement Corrosion


Professor Mark G Stewart
► Ms Lizhengli Peng
► Ms Hilyati Sabtu

Project Description

Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete (RC) structures is a significant cause of structural deterioration, leading to cracking and spalling and loss of structural capacity. The Australian Research Council funded project is developing spatial and time-dependent reliability analyses for deteriorating structures, particularly for reinforcement corrosion caused by a changing climate. Probabilistic models have been developed for pitting corrosion, that consider rebar length, rebar diameter and time.

Corrosion can also affect the mechanical properties of rebars. Experimental studies have been used to develop crack initiation and propagation models. This now allows a spatial time-dependent reliability analysis to predict the likelihood and extent of corrosion damage to a RC surface, and how maintenance/repair strategies can extend the service life of RC structures. Recent work is focusing on updating reliability predictions using visual and other inspection data, and the effects of climate change which can accelerate the corrosion process.

Selected Publications

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