The Centre for Advanced Energy Integration is focused on research that integrates new energy technologies and systems related to energy storage, grid systems, energy generation and alternative energy sources.

As industry shifts towards greater reliance on non-network solutions such as distributed renewable generation, energy storage and smart grid technologies, there is increasing pressure to efficiently integrate new energy technologies and systems.

Hosted by the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER), the Centre is focused on achieving optimal outcomes for consumers and energy networks through the integration of renewable and distributed energy systems, integrating energy storage technologies into networks of the future, and renewable energy and energy resources as a fundamental part of planning for future electricity distribution networks.

The Centre explores:

  • Integration of renewable and distributed energy technologies and their impacts on electricity supply system resilience, including quality of supply, reliability, dynamics and stability, protection and management and control systems.
  • Role of microgrids in the future energy mix and how such systems will integrate with the wider power system.
  • Capacity, capability and technological barriers for use of energy storage systems as a technology enabler for renewable and dispersed energy generation.
  • Energy storage technologies as an enabling technology for renewable and distributed energy integration.
  • Electricity supply grids of the future enabling best facilitation of renewable and distributed generation sources.
  • Power systems and enhanced modelling for renewable and distributed technologies.

The Centre focuses on industry–led research aimed at integrating new energy technologies. Collaborative research projects are being developed in consultation with government, stakeholders and industry to deliver targeted applied research programs for energy networks and the integration of renewables.