Yarning the Way:

The role of indigenous education paraprofessionals in guiding the post-school educational pathways of aboriginal and torres strait islander youth

Key educational and cultural supports within schools are Indigenous education paraprofessionals (IEPs) including Aboriginal/Indigenous Education Officers, Aboriginal/Indigenous Education Assistants, Community Liaison Offers, and specialists such as Norta Norta Tutors.

Despite their importance in the education of Indigenous young people and their 'translational' role in delivering information and advice to Indigenous families, very little is known about the role IEPs play in guiding school students towards post-school education options.

This project will be the first to tap into the depth of professional and cultural knowledge held by IEPs, and explore how they facilitate young peoples' transition out of school and into tertiary, and particularly, higher education.

This project was awarded a $140,981 HEPP National Priority Pool Grant and is led by Associate Professor Maree Gruppetta and Dr Erica Southgate from the University of Newcastle, along with Dr Sandy O'Sullivan, Dr Eva McRae-Williams and Dr Peter Stephenson from the Batchelor Institute; as well as Professor Liz Cameron and Dr Glenn Auld from Deakin University.