Domestic Violence and Higher Education Aspirations and Experience:

Developing an Agenda for Institutional Recognition and Support

Domestic violence in Australia is prevalent, and overwhelmingly committed by men against women (Goh and Moffat 2013). Numerous large-scale quantitative research projects point to the pervasiveness of domestic in Australia (ABS 2016; Lucke et al 2010; Mazza, Dennerstein, Garamszegi and Dudley 2001), yet qualitative research exploring how women re-constitute their lives following such experiences remains underexplored in relation to higer education (HE) in Australian contexts.

This project aims to contribute to an emerging scholarly, public, and political agenda on domestic violence by exploring how access to and participation in HE study in Australia for students who have experienced violence is presently approached in scholarly research, and included (or excluded) in HE and social welfare institution policies, procedures, and practices.

Dr Georgina Ramsay from Humanities & Social Science/CEEHE is the Project Lead.