Building Statistical Literacy for Success in Higher Education

With the rising need for statistical literacy and application across a number of university degrees, understanding statistical concepts and acquiring statistical skills are increasingly becoming critical to access and succeed in higher education. Recent studies show that "statistical anxiety" is a barrier for many students from low SES backgrounds.

This project will create, evaluate and disseminate a set of digital media resources designed both for low SES, culturally diverse and remotely located students and for assisting in the delivery of a fun and engaging project-based learning activity.

The project was awarded a $161,151 HEPP NPP grant and is being led by Dr Peter Howley and Dr Elena Prieto-Rodriquez along with a team of collaborators Dr Erica Southgate, Dr Liz Stokanovski and Dr Ali Eshragh from the University of Newcastle, Professor Michael Martin from the Australian National University, Professor Kathryn Holmes from the University of Western Sydney and Associate Professor Peter Dunn from the University of the Sunshine Coast.