Immersive virtual environment for improving the academic literacy and study skills of regional and remote low SES students

This project will deliver an immersive virtual environment to support the academic literacy and study skills of low SES university students from regional and remote areas (RRLSES). The project will:

  • (a) deliver a free downloadable immersive virtual environment, in the form of an app, to support academic literacy and study skills for RRLSES Indigenous and non-Indigenous students;
  • (b) provide three use modes that enable equitable learning experiences to offline, university intranet online and fully online students, with computer-controlled virtual agents to support learning;
  • (c) disseminate a set of text and video resources for effective use of the virtual environment as a curriculum resource; and
  • (d) conduct cross-site formative and summative evaluations to ensure the effectiveness of RRLSES learning in the virtual environment.

The project will use a participatory design process that engages directly with Indigenous students and non-Indigenous RRLSES students, and their university teaching staff to inform the development of an immersive virtual environment that is culturally and socially inclusive and directly responsive to the learning needs of RRLSES students.

Project Lead: Dr Shamus Smith