Informatics is the study of Information Technology and its uses. Applied Informatics emphasises its application to real world problems.

The Applied Informatics Research Group conducts leading research in these areas:

  • Big data
  • Document and records management
  • Electronic commerce
  • Health Informatics
  • Identification of groups (i.e. for targeted marketing)
  • Cloud computing
  • Data cleaning and integration
  • Event Association Analysis
  • Identification of unusual persons, items or events
  • Decision support
  • Information Visualisation
  • Serious Computer Games
  • User Interface design
  • ICT Education
  • Modelling

The Applied Informatics Research Group is based in the School of Design, Communication & Information Technology at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Strategic aims

  • To grow expertise in all areas of Applied Informatics, but especially in health informatics.
  • To build relationships with business to share that expertise with the business community.
  • To establish multi disciplinary research collaborations with other researchers both within and outside the University of Newcastle.
  • To secure and retain sufficient funding to allow these activities to grow.
  • To attract high quality students into research higher degrees compatible with the research directions of the group.

For business

Every business activity generates data. In the modern world this means much diverse digital data gathered from systems that deal with production, maintenance, sales, customers, competitors, projects and employees. For example, customer demand fluctuates along with sales, trucks pick up and deliver goods at specific times, packages are tracked from source to destination, maintenance is scheduled and projects need to keep track of milestones and budgets. One of the keys to business success is to maximize the benefits of the data the business collects.

Every dataset tells a story, the story of an organization – how efficient the processes are, what is working, what is not. However, that story is often hidden in a mass of data. Business managers often do not have the time or tools to dig deeper. For the business that can leverage this potential the rewards are clear. Research in Information Technology has yielded new methods that can be applied to business analysis and help provide a competitive edge. The Applied Informatics Research Group has the knowledge, experience and commitment to work with businesses and help leverage this potential.

The University of Newcastle, Australia has a high reputation for assisting businesses with relevant and targeted research. The Applied Informatics Research Group can help to leverage the potential of data within organizations in order to provide them with a competitive edge. We can assist businesses through student placements, sharing results of research, contracted research, and research supported by joint funding opportunities.

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