Volume 14 (2014)

The unconscious allocation of cognitive resources to task-relevant and task-irrelevant thoughts
Seffetullah Kuldas, Shahabuddin Hashim, Hairul Nizam Ismail, Mohd Ali Samsudin & Zainudin Abu Bakar 
Pages 1-16
Full text (PDF, 152.42 KB)

The role of goal importance in predicting university students' high academic performance
Vanessa A. Kyle, Katherine M. White, Melissa K. Hyde & Stefano Occhipinti
Pages 17-28
Full text (PDF, 296.3 KB)

Using Rasch analysis to examine the dimensionality structure and differential item functioning of the Arabic version of the Perceived Physical Ability Scale for Children
Sabry M. Abd-El-Fattah, Yousra AL-Sinani, Sahar El Shourbagi & Hessa A. Fakhroo
Pages 29-44
Full text (PDF, 469.08 KB)

Does tracing worked examples enhance geometry learning?
Fang-Tzu Hu, Paul Ginns, & Janette Bobis
Pages 45-49
Full text (PDF, 231.76 KB)

Special Issue - Collected papers from the 2013 SELF International Conference

Philip D. Parker, Herbert W. Marsh, & Majorie Seaton
Page 50
Full text (PDF, 275.29 KB)

"Because teaching is like a plantation of dakwah": Understanding complexities in choosing to be a teacher in Indonesia
Pages 51-59
Full text (PDF, 398.17 KB)

What predicts teachers' acceptance of students with special educational needs in kindergarten?
Frances Lai Mui Lee, Danielle Tracey, Katrina Barker, Jesmond C.M. Fan, & Alexander Seeshing Yeung
Pages 60-70
Full text (PDF, 469.17 KB)

Measuring the impact of students' social relations and values: Validation of the Social-Relational Support for Education instrument
Margaret Vickers, Linda Finger, Katrina Barker, & Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews
Pages 71-92
Full text (PDF, 704.67 KB)

Sustaining young people's enrolment intentions in relation to physics: Development and validation of a tool
Jeddy Abraham, & Katrina Barker
Pages 93-116
Full text (PDF, 404.77 KB)

Influencing of mastery goal and perceived competence on educational outcomes
Alexander Seeshing Yeung, Rhonda G. Craven, & Gurvinder Kaur
Pages 93-116
Full text (PDF, 352.4 KB) Enhancing reading skills and reading self-concept of children with reading difficulties: Adopting a dual approach intervention
Samantha Hornery, Marjorie Seaton, Danielle Tracey, Rhonda G. Craven, & Alexander S. Yeung
Pages 131-143
Full text (PDF, 308.52 KB)

Self-regulated learning in teacher education: The significance of individual resources and learning behaviour
Manuela Keller-Schneider
Pages 144-158
Full text (PDF, 804.77 KB)

What good teachers do to promote effective student learning in a problem-based learning environment
Karen Goh
Pages 159-166
Full text (PDF, 226.82 KB)

The effect of Karate practice on self-esteem in young adults with visual impairment: A case study
Samir Qasim, John Ravenscroft, & John Sproule
Pages 167-185
Full text (PDF, 477.41 KB)

Seeding science success: Psychometric properties of Secondary Science Questionnaire on Students' Self-Concept, Motivation, and Aspirations
Wanasinghe Chandrasena, Rhonda G. Craven, Danielle Tracey, & Anthony Dillon
Pages 186-201
Full text (PDF, 529.56 KB)

Measuring social capital: The development of the Social Capital and Cohesion Scale and the associations between social capital and mental health
Natasha R. Magson, Rhonda G. Craven, & Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews
Pages 202-216
Full text (PDF, 476.1 KB)

Book review
Positive Psychology at the Movies 2: Using films to build character strengths and well-being (2nd edn.)

Melissa Monfries
Pages 217-218
Full text (PDF, 213.54 KB)

Cognitive-behavioural treatment of anxiety in children and adolescents with Autism-Spectrum Disorders
Lauren MacKinnon, Bronwynn Comerford, Jessie Parham & Clare Roberts
Pages 219-231
Full text (PDF, 273.2 KB)

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