ACSRC Research Highlights 2005

Keynote Speech at the International Conference on Information System Security ICISS 2005

Professor Vijay Varadharajan gave a Keynote Speech at the International Conference on Information System Security ICISS'2005 in Dec. 2005 on "Authorization and Trust Enhanced Security of Distributed Applications"

Invited Fellow at British Telecom Research Labs, UK

Professor Vijay Varadharajan was invited as a Fellow at British Telecom Labs in June/July 2005. He worked with the management teams and various research centres at British Telecom on the possible strategies for research trends in security mobility and networks and their implications for telecommunications and computing industry.

Invited Talks at Microsoft Redmond, USA

Professor Vijay Varadharajan gave invited seminars and talks in July/August 2005 on Web Services Security, Secure Authorization Architecture, Security Policies and their Applications in Healthcare to Research Groups and Developers and Consultants at Microsoft in Redmond USA.

Chairman at Information Security World Australia

Professor Vijay Varadharajan chaired the Information Security World 2005 Event on 7 Sept. 2005 held at the Sydney Convention Centre at Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia. The event is one of the important annual events in the calendar of Information Security in Australia. It had numerous sponsors including Sun Microsystems, ISC2, ASIS Security Alliance and ISSA. There were several presentations from industry and academia including speakers from Standard Chartered Bank in the UK, Sun Microsystems, Blackberry Research, Qantas and Standards Australia. There were also 2 international panel sessions on Open Source versus Proprietary Software and Security Technology Roadmap. It was a highly successful event.

Professor Vijay Varadharajan's Interview on Research Supervision
in Sydney Morning Herald (12 September, 2005) Postgraduate Study Supplement

As part of the Postgraduate Study Supplement in the Sydney Morning Herald, Prof Vijay Varadharajan was interviewed about supervising PhD students. The article explored the idea that supervising PhD students is just like coaching elite athletes. "One of the main stumbling blocks to any project is when the research is not progressing. I believe keeping students motivated is the key to ensuring they are committed for the duration of a project", said Prof. Varadharajan.

Microsoft Research Asia Regional Workshop - May 26-27, 2005

As part of this workshop Prof. Vijay Varadharajan presented a keynote speech on "Trustworthy Computing", as well as hosting a panel session on the future for Research and Curriculum in Trustworthy Computing.

INSS Microsoft Computing Projects

INSS co-ordinated leading-edge, Microsoft-sponsored computer security projects for Macquarie University post-graduate students for Semester 1 2005, including topics such as Pervasive Computing, Mobile Agents and Secure Routing.

Macquarie University/CSIRO Technology Trends Seminar

Prof. Vijay Varadharajan presented to the MQ/CSIRO Technology Trends Seminar on Trusted Computing.