Head and shoulders shot of Associate Professor Amy Maguire smiling at camera

News • 3 Dec 2020

The ‘Torres Strait 8’ versus Australia: Law Professor delivers presentation at Human Rights Day

Purai member and University of Newcastle’s Law School Professor, Amy Maguire, will talk about a world-first claim by Indigenous people which connects climate change impacts to human rights on Human Rights Day.

Lyndall Ryan

News • 15 Oct 2020

Professor Lyndall Ryan recognised as one of the world’s most influential historians

Member of the Centre for the Study of Violence Professor Lyndall Ryan has received an honourable mention in a list of the world’s most influential historians.

Close up of Professor Maynard dressed in a suit, standing at a lecturn and speaking into a microphone

News • 25 Sep 2020

Academy membership great source of pride

In 2014 Professor John Maynard, a scholar of Indigenous history and Co-Director of Purai Indigenous Global History Centre, was elected a member of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, an enormous achievement for a boy who left school the day he turned 15 and didn’t set foot in a university until he was 40 years old.

TLC map logo

News • 2 Sep 2020

University of Newcastle firmly on the Map of Digital Humanities

The Time Layered Cultural Map of Australia (TLCMap) development team in the School of Humanities and Social Science is working on a major update following the delivery of a user testing report from Asymmetric Innovation.

History week image

News • 20 Aug 2020

History Week events promote the importance of history in navigating todays challenges

The University of Newcastle is celebrating History Week 2020 with a series of events that highlight this year’s theme ‘History: what is it good for?’ which invites participants to share why history is important to them.

Coal mine

News • 18 Aug 2020

Journal article compares two case studies to examine displacement

Anthropologist with the Centre for 21st Century Humanities, Dr Hedda Askland has written a new journal article with UON alumnus Dr Georgina Ramsay.

Lady with ayah

News • 14 Aug 2020

Research uncovers the historical experiences of the earliest global domestic workers

A new research project will bring to life the experiences and histories of the world’s first travelling global domestic workers, the Indian Ayahs and the Chinese Amahs who were employed by colonial families during the period of British colonialism.

Dunca McDuie Ra

News • 13 Aug 2020

Online virtual exchange gives sociology students new perspective on COVID-19

University of Newcastle sociology students are exchanging diverse perspectives and collaborating with their peers at the University of Texas in Austin USA in a unique global virtual exchange program.

Digital humanities image

News • 7 Aug 2020

Major research grant supports new open scholarship initiative

The global upheaval caused by COVID-19 has highlighted a need for academics to find ways to share their research quickly, freely and with large audiences. But open scholarship continues to pose significant hurdles for researchers worldwide.

Artificial intelligence

News • 27 Jul 2020

Call for papers - Taking Control: the critical and creative uses of digital tools

Abstract proposals due by 15 December 2020 for the international edited collection entitled 'Taking Control: the critical and creative uses of digital tools in the now, the foreseeable future, and beyond, in screen, literature, and the visual arts'.

Great fire of London

News • 23 Jul 2020

Comparing the language of disaster from history and the modern day

Early modern literary historian and digital humanities researcher with the Centre for 21st Century Humanities, Dr Erin McCarthy is leading a new project that will compare and contrast the language used to describe early modern disasters and contemporary disasters such as the recent bushfires that ravaged the east coast of Australia in 2019.

bushfire smoke

News • 14 Jul 2020

Will bushfire smoke exposure make people more vulnerable to COVID-19?

Environmental historian Associate Professor Nancy Cushing has long been interested in the history of air pollution, particularly in once heavily polluted Newcastle. So when the bushfires ravaged New South Wales in late 2019/early 2020 and many people were talking about this level of smoke and bushfire as unprecedented, she wanted to see if that was actually the case.