The University of Newcastle, Australia

School of Education

School of Education

Professor Jenny Gore

Teacher Education

Leading a new era of teacher education and professional development, pedagogy expert, Professor Jenny Gore, is building a world-class model of education excellence that helps support both teachers and students and is influencing government and educational bodies across Australia.

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Associate Professor Tom Griffiths

Comparative and International Education

Associate Professor Tom Griffiths's research centres on comparative educational analyses, including historical and contemporary explorations of policy and practice in context, linked to a world-system level theoretical approach to systems of mass education, their structure, curricula and development.

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Associate Professor Erica Southgate

Digital Learning and Equity

A/Prof Erica Southgate uses technologies such as virtual reality and designs computer games to enhance learning and equity in education.

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Dr Rachel Buchanan

Equity in Education

Dr Rachel Buchanan works at uncovering and addressing the equity implications of the increased deployment of educational technologies in all levels of education.

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Dr Narelle Eather

Physical Education

Dr Narelle Eather believes encouraging children to be more active is easier than people think - it's all about giving them the right tools.

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Dr Scott Imig

Teacher Education

From marines to Masters' students, principals to preservice teachers, Dr Scott Imig is helping educators on both sides of the Pacific to engage in reflective practice and conversations about growth.

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