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Newcastle Business School

Associate Professor Brendan Boyle

International Business

Associate Professor Brendan Boyle specialises in the areas of international human resource management, the management of multinational corporations and international business strategy.

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Associate Professor Jamie Carlson


Recognising ongoing success in the service sectors as fundamental to securing Australia’s prosperity and standard of living, Dr Jamie Carlson is working with firms to aid the design and delivery of compelling consumption experiences that creates value for customers and firms.

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Professor Abul Shamsuddin

Head of the Accounting & Finance Discipline

Abul Shamsuddin is Professor of Finance and Head of the Accounting & Finance Discipline at the University of Newcastle. He received his Masters and PhD from Simon Fraser University, Canada.

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Associate Professor Hao Tan

International Business

Dr Hao Tan's international business research is looking to satisfy intrigue about the energy system powering the world's largest developing economy, as he provides information and insight into the industrial dynamics in China's energy sector and their implications to global business and economics.

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Dr Laura Luo

Senior Lecturer

Laura Luo's research interests predominantly lie in carbon accounting including carbon disclosure, carbon performance, carbon management and carbon assurance. She also links the carbon accounting issues with traditional accounting research area such as corporate governance and capital market etc.

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Professor Francesco Paolucci


Dr Francesco Paolucci is Professor of Health Economics & Policy at the Faculty of Business & Law, University of Newcastle, Australia, and at the School of Economics & Management, University of Bologna, Italy.

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Associate Professor Ashish Malik

Associate Professor

Ashish's academic qualifications, training and professional experience is in the field of Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations.

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Dr Alicia Kulczynski

Senior Lecturer

Alicia holds a PhD in Management (Marketing), and is a Senior Lecturer of Marketing for the Newcastle Business School at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Alicia is currently the Head of the Marketing and Tourism Discipline in the Newcastle Business School.

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Associate Professor Sara Motta

Associate Professor

Dr Sara Motta obtained her BA in Philosophy and MSc in The Politics of Development (Latin America) from the London School of Economics and Political Science. l

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Associate Professor Frank Agbola

Associate Professor

Dr Agbola has a strong background in applied econometrics, development economics and agricultural economics and has published in several top-tier refereed journals.

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Dr Richard Oloruntoba

Senior Lecturer

Richard worked in a range of operations, logistics, freight forwarding and transport management roles for 13 years in West Africa and the United Kingdom before beginning an academic career in 2002

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Dr Philip Rosenberger III


Philip is a mid-career researcher who was awarded his PhD in 2010. In terms of research areas, Philip has published in a number of new or emerging areas, such as group travel to major events and co-authored one of the earlier articles discussing the use of VR (virtual reality) for NPD.

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