The University of Newcastle, Australia

English Language and Foundation Studies

English Language and Foundational Studies

Conjoint Associate Professor Josephine May


Conjoint Associate Professor Josephine May is an historian of education specialising in the history of Australian education and enabling education.

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Dr Anna Bennett

Research Engagement and Development

Dr. Anna Bennett has a PhD in Sociology and applies sociological theory and concepts to better understand social phenomena. Current research areas include: discourses of equity and participation in higher education, identities and subject positions in higher education, and notions and implications of neoliberalism.

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Dr Barry Hodges


Dr Barry Hodges is seeking to define and defeat the challenges associated with sustained participation in enabling education programs.

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Dr Bronwyn Relf

Enabling Education

A big believer in the benefits of tertiary study, Dr Bronwyn Relf is looking to see what works – and what doesn’t work – within enabling education spaces in Australia.

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Mrs Sharlene Leroy-Dyer

Yapug (Enabling)

Controversially putting Corporate Australia under a microscope, Sharlene Leroy-Dyer is looking to magnify racial discrimination and other incidents of employer misconduct in the workplace.

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