A list of miscellaneous utilities available to University of Newcastle Researchers


This category contains utilities that do not fit into any of the other categories.

What is it and how do I get it? When should I use it? What caveats or obstacles are there? *Support?


A web-scraping tool with different price plans.

The web is a valuable resource for many research endeavours.

Web scraping is the practice of using computers to capture content from the web in a manner that makes it legible for subsequent analysis. Typically, web scraping is offered as a service rather than a tool.

Mozenda is a tool that can be used to scrape data from websites to a CSV or an excel file.

It can be programmed to move through and extract information from an entire website.

Customer support is eager to organise a video conference and go through with you, the step by step programming, which is quite easy to set up.

There is a free 14 day trial where you can scrape data from up to 500 pages, after that there is a cost involved.

External (Mozenda)

* Support Source of Support for Service
UON Supplied Deployed, managed and supported by the University and provided to Researchers at no additional cost.
UON Supported Deployed, managed and supported by the University with some additional costs to the Researcher, Centre or Faculty.
End User The item is end user supported. The University is not in a position to provide technical support or assurances that the product will work within the University environment.
External (Organisation) Deployed, managed and supported by an organisation external to the University. Additional costs may apply.