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The Women in Research Fellowship (WIR Fellowship) is an initiative within Research Advantage supporting the development of The University of Newcastle’s (UON) academic women at levels B and C to focus intensively on research and re-establish, strengthen and fast track their research careers and who aspire to senior leadership roles.

The merit-based WIR Fellowships will provide academic women with educational opportunities, mentoring and associated funding to focus intensively on research and research related activities. The successful applicants will complete a program of work as outlined in an agreed Research Plan for 2020.

The WIR Fellowship will support UON women in research through the following key areas of focus:

  • invigorate – develop, strengthen and fast-track female careers in research
  • re-establish – the careers of women in research who have had to take on carer responsibilities
  • research leadership – foster research leadership capability and assist female promotion to senior leadership roles
  • research mentorship or sponsorship – support women to develop career priorities and plans and prepare and apply for promotion

The WIR Fellowship initiative will be highly competitive and the Selection Review Panel will consider transformational potential: the capacity of the 2020 WIR Fellowship to significantly change the circumstances of the applicant to develop their research careers substantively, that is, enable them to achieve in a way that could not otherwise transpire.

The successful recipients will aspire to invigorate and fast-track their research profile and trajectory and their Research plan will be focused on achieving this goal.

An allocation of funding [up to $30,000 per Recipient] will be made available to contribute to an agreed 2020 Research Plan per individual. Funding will be provided over the 12 month timeframe of the WIR Fellowship and can be flexible to fit with the requirements of the successful recipient.

Suggested funded activities for the 2020 Research Plan include:

  • a dedicated period of time to intensify research/publication/grant application output
  • release from teaching and/or administrative duties for a dedicated period of time
  • support for research-related attendance at international/national conferences
  • support for research-related career development courses and/or opportunities
  • assistance to achieve sustained research focused outputs by supporting work/family balance obligations

Key dates

Friday 2 August 2019Information session
Monday 5 August 2019 Applications open
5.00pm Friday 20 September 2019Applications close
Friday 25 October 2019 Applicants advised of outcome
Monday 2 December, 2019 Latest date for commencement of fellowship
Friday 27 November, 2020 Latest date for conclusion of fellowship
Thursday 11 March, 2021 Latest date for submission of final report

Women in research


Supports current UON academic women researchers at Levels B and C

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