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Women in research fellowship

2018 Women in Research Fellowship

The University of Newcastle places incredible importance on championing diversity and gender equity in the workplace, across academia and within research. The University’s Women in Research (WIR) Fellowship has been developed to provide a strategic pathway to increase the number of women working in senior academic or research positions at the University.

Now in its second year, the Women in Research Fellowship attracts numerous highly-competitive applicants across a variety of fields and areas of research and we are thrilled to announce the 2018 University of Newcastle Fellowship recipients.

The Women in Research Fellowships were awarded at a launch event at NeW Space on Thursday 22 November 2018.

Dr Karen Blackmore

Dr Blackmore is transforming the training industry by making best use of virtual reality technology. Stemming from a career designing 3D environments and teaching game design, she has taken an educational approach to virtual reality technology and game programming and how they can be used to train for real-world situations.

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Dr Rachel Buchanan

Dr Buchanan’s work examines how equity issues affect the way that students access, understand and use technology in educational settings. The Emerging Frontiers of Ed Tech project aims to audit the way a variety of educational technologies are being used in schools. The project will explore practices surrounding personalised learning, how Virtual Reality is being used to improve learning, and how teachers can help students develop a positive online presence.

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Dr BoBae Choi

Dr Choi’s research interests lie in areas of financial reporting, corporate finance and corporate governance. Stemming from her experience and background as a senior lecturer in financial accounting, her main research themes focus on the impact of information asymmetry and corporate reporting on capital markets.

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Dr Narelle Eather

Dr Eather’s research centres around the promotion of physical activity, physical fitness and sports skills among children, youth and young adults. Specifically, she aims to investigate ways to create positive experiences for individual’s participating in physical activities in various context through high quality program design and delivery.

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Dr Kcasey McLoughlin

With an interest in feminist legal theory and feminist political theory, Dr McLoughlin is eager to press boundaries and make a meaningful difference in law and political science. In particular, her research focuses on the way gender and difference have impacted upon the contributions of women judges to the High Court of Australia and more broadly, how law affects women's lives.

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Dr Melissa Tadros

From a cool summer breeze to a full stomach, the ability to sense these things depends on a carefully organized sensory pathway from the body to the brain. Dr Tadros’ research uses sophisticated neurological techniques to examine these pathways – with a main focus on how early life events, including infection, can change the developmental plan for the nerves along this passage.

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Dr Rachael Unicomb

As a speech pathologist with a background working in early childhood intervention, Dr Unicomb has created preliminary guidelines for treating co-occurring stuttering and speech sound disorders at the same time. Often treated in isolation, these guidelines are first of this kind in almost 25 years and after successful outcomes from the initial case study, she is looking to expand to a large population and explore other complexities in the treatment of stuttering in childhood.

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Key dates

Monday 13 August, 2018 Applications open
5:00pm Friday 28 September, 2018 Applications close
Wednesday 31 October, 2018 Applicants advised of outcome
Monday 3 December, 2018 Latest date for commencement of fellowship
Friday 29 November, 2019 Latest date for conclusion of fellowship
Thursday 12 March, 2020 Latest date for submission of final report

Women in research

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