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Research Leader Program

Committed to nurturing its next crop of research leaders, the University is launching a Research Leaders Program in 2017.

Providing opportunities for leaders to share their experiences and gain invaluable insight into the likely future research environment and will offer information and practical tools for reviewing and developing leadership potential.

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About the Program

The Program is aimed at academics who currently hold or will prospectively hold a leadership role within or on behalf of the University. Participants will be involved in a mixture of learning approaches, including group, individual, interactive, and blended, to develop leadership skills and knowledge to assist in the management of research endeavours in what is a rapidly changing research environment.

Program structure

To be conducted over 12 months, it will include a comprehensive University Leadership and Management Program, research leader masterclass retreat, several research hot topic forums, executive coaching and access to Research Mentorship and Sponsorship.

University Leadership and Management Program

Devised by experts in collaboration with international tertiary institutions, this program will provide participants with knowledge and skills relevant to higher education. It will promote best practice leadership within the context of the higher education and research sector culture, focusing on:

  • the university – an introduction
  • university leadership
  • university cultures and organisational management
  • strategic planning
  • managing people
  • managing resources

Research Leader Masterclass Retreat

This masterclass will help research leaders and senior research leaders gain a greater understanding of how to effectively confront the challenges arising from the changing research environment. It will involve interactive sessions, with talks by current political, institutional and industry leaders and those responsible for managing major government initiatives in research and innovation. Topics will include:

  • the future research environment
  • leadership and management in the future research environment
  • playing a part in future global research endeavours
  • collaboration and networking

Research Hot Topic Forums

The Forums will be interactive sessions, hosted by the UON’s Research and Innovation Executive, to explore contemporary issues determined by the group.

Suggested topics include:

  • Centre of Research Excellence and Cooperative Research Centre lead
  • Priority Research Centre lead
  • Panel for ARC / NHMRC involvement

Executive Coaching

Senior research leaders will be supported by the 360o feedback tool and one-on-one executive coaching. These services will nurture their leadership and management capabilities, practice difficult skills and implement individual career development plans.


A competitive-based application process open to all research leaders* and senior research leaders**.

* 10+ years post PhD with research leadership role
** 15+ years post PhD and research director role

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