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The NEWstar Program (Program) is an initiative within Research Advantage supporting the development of Mid–Career Researchers (MCRs) identified as having significant research potential and/or a strong research career trajectory and who aspire to undertake research leadership at The University of Newcastle (UON).

2020 NEWstar Recipient - Does this describe you as a UON RESEARCHER?

  • Focused for the past five years in building an established track record relative to opportunity [high quality publications/creative works, grant applications, and conference presentations]
  • Experienced success and been awarded grant funding
  • Recognised as an emerging national expert by producing rigorous research and leading research activities
  • Recruited and effectively supervised Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidates
  • Recognised as a role model and already mentoring junior colleagues
  • Demonstrated a strong interest in developing leadership skills
  • Consolidating a vision for the impact of your research
  • Professional ethos and qualities including: enthusiasm, determination, motivation, perseverance and resilience

The 12 month Program will support UON researchers through the following key areas of focus:

  • invigorate – strengthen and fast-track research potential and excellence
  • engage – develop individualised, self-directed learning opportunities
  • research leadership – foster research leadership capability
  • research mentorship or sponsorship – support MCRs to develop career planning, identify opportunities, prepare and apply for promotion

The Program is designed to complement MCRs’ highly developed research skills with the opportunities, career planning and related interpersonal skills necessary to transition from a leading researcher to a research leader. The program is experiential in nature, with a focus on gaining knowledge, but also on learning through doing and reflecting.

The Program targets Level C and D researchers [5-15 years of employment following PhD completion].

The successful recipients will aspire to develop into research leaders and their Research Career Development plan will be focused on achieving this goal.

The NEWstar Program will:

  • assist and build research leadership capability
  • provide practical career development opportunities to think strategically about individual priorities and how these fit a broader strategic context
  • facilitate research planning support sessions to clarify research direction and goals
  • develop and refine team-building skills
  • build an interdisciplinary network of colleagues from across the University and beyond
  • arrange access to research mentorship and / or sponsorship
  • optimise the MCRs research career development over a 12 month period
  • support preparation for promotion opportunities

An allocation of funding will be made available to contribute to an agreed 2020 Research Career Development Plan per individual. Funding will be provided over the 12 month timeframe of the Program and can be flexible to fit with the requirements of the successful recipient. Suggested funded activities for the Research Career Development Plan include:

  • a dedicated period of time to intensify research development/training/output (ie. research work placement, learn a new technique/technology, research translation, undertake data management or design technique skills training for a specific timeframe)
  • release from teaching and/or administrative duties for a dedicated period of time
  • support for research-related attendance at international/national conferences or research-related access to archival repositories 
  • support for research-related career development courses and/or opportunities

The EOI will be reviewed by the Selection Review Panel to identify MCRs that demonstrate high performance and strong potential for rapid career trajectory that intend to focus intensively on research career development and enhance research leadership capabilities and who would benefit from the 12 month Program. Shortlisted Candidates will be invited for Interview.


Phase I

5.00pm 29 July 2019

Internal EOI form due

Friday 30 August 2019

EOI outcome advice to applicants

Phase II

September 2019

Candidates invited for interview

Monday 30 September 2019

Interview outcome advice to Candidates


UON Mid-Career Researchers [Level C & D] 5 to 15 years post PhDs.

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