In line with the Commonwealth Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda, the University will introduce an Innovation with Industry Scheme in 2016.

Research Advantage

Innovation with Industry

In line with the Commonwealth Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda, the University will introduce an Innovation with Industry Scheme.


As part of Research Advantage a seminar will be run for Researchers wishing to collaborate with Industry partners. This introductory seminar will provide practical advice on collaboration success stories, top tips and lessons learnt on building and maintaining relationships with Industry.

Who: UON Researchers

When: 9.30 – 11.00am Tuesday 14 November 2017

Where: ATC 210, [Advanced Technology Building], Callaghan Campus

Presenters: TBA

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Competitive-based and designed to encourage the upskilling of mid-career researchers, research leaders and senior research leaders, the scheme will champion knowledge sharing and industry engagement. It will also provide ongoing support for the development of industry-based projects and guidance for industry mentorship.

Recognising that UON must itself be innovative in order to promote the pioneering work of its researchers, the University will:

  • make available new sources of finance for entrepreneurial pursuits
  • embrace risk-taking, particularly on innovative ideas
  • encourage collaboration between industry and researchers to find solutions to real-world problems and create jobs and economic growth
  • attract world-class talent and nurture the next generation of researchers


Introduction to working  with industry boot camp.

  • contract research
  • intellectual property
  • commercialisation
  • entrepreneurship
  • business case development

How to work with industry partners effectively

Aimed at upskilling researchers, this workshop will comprise:

  • setting an agenda for successful engagement and commercialisation
  • developing a culture where research excellence and engagement go hand in hand
  • ensuring you can deliver on your promises
  • knowing when to say no to engagement
  • building and maintaining relationships with industry
  • making business proposals and pitching to industry

How to measure the success of industry partnerships

This workshop will provide advice on:

  • creating strategic partnerships that play to research strengths
  • acquiring deeper engagement skills
  • communicating your strategies
  • positively learning from mistakes and progressing forward

Industry based project and industry mentorship

Facilitated industry support and resources will be provided to develop an industry-based project and industry engagement sessions will be integrated to provide the forum to connect with an industry mentor.


A competitive-based application process open to mid-career researchers*, research leaders** and senior research leaders#.

*  5-10 years post PhD
**  10+ years post PhD with research leadership role
#  15+ years post PhD and research director role

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