Research Advantage

Grant Accelerator Program

Grant Accelerator Program

As part of the Research Advantage Grant Accelerator Program a series of workshops/seminars have been developed to run in 2018 - providing information and practical advice about grant writing, access to expert grant application reviewers and grant incubator workshops.

Topics 2018 Diary Dates
Session 1: Pre Grant Writing Circle Friday 18 May
Session 2: How to respond to Reviewers comments - Rejoinder and Rebuttal preparation Thursday 31 May
Session 3: Rejected Grants Monday 18 June
Session 4: NHMRC Partnerships & Centres of Research Excellence (CRE) Tuesday 10 July
Session 5: NHMRC new schemes update Tuesday 18 September
* Session 6: Pre Grant Writing Circle Thursday 23 August
Session 7: Impact and Engagement Tuesday 11 September
Session 8: Track Record and ROPE - ARC Monday 24 September
Session 9: Preparing Budgets Wednesday 10 October
Session 10: Writing with Impact & Finesse the first page of a Grant proposal Wednesday 17 October
Session 11: What’s new and Lessons learnt for inclusion in the 2019 ARC Grant Rounds Monday 12 November
Session 12: SAPPHIRE System To be rescheduled in 2019
*Session 13: NHMRC INVESTIGATOR Grants  [writing case studies] Tuesday 20 November
Session 14: ARC DECRA Application Wednesday 5 December

*= repeated session

Grant writing

This workshop is designed to provide an insightful and informative step-by-step guide to grant writing for first-time writers or individuals looking to refresh their skills.

Topics will include:

  • knowledge and understanding of the grant writing process
  • effective ways to write and prepare grant applications
  • development of a project description
  • practical planning and justification of budget
  • how to write your research track record

Research project management principles

Good project management ensures the smooth and effective running of all research endeavours. It assists greatly in the timing and integration of critical tasks, as well as with the overflow of projects.

This workshop will provide a forum for researchers to learn:

  • practical and effective research project management skills
  • the requirements for a robust project plan
  • how to identify common project management pitfalls and strategies to overcome them

UON Academy of reviewers

The UON Academy of Reviewers is a select and esteemed group of highly experienced researchers who will review draft UON grant applications for major grant rounds (ARC and NHMRC), to provide tactical feedback and advice to applicants.

As the Academy is a small group, the reviews on offer are limited. Faculties will be asked to determine final opportunities should interest be oversubscribed. All applicants interested in this scheme must submit an internal expression of interest form by the advertised date.

Grant incubator workshops

These workshops are a new initiative to support the development of fresh ideas for grant opportunities and collaborations, in a group-facilitated environment.


Open to all ECRs (1-5 years post PhD).

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