Research Advantage

Early Career Researcher HDR Candiate Scholarships

The University recognises the contribution Early Career Researchers (ECRs) make to the University’s research profile and productivity.UON is committed to supporting and developing ECRs research and research leadership, through the provision of Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidate scholarships.

Congratulations 2018 Successful Recipients

  • Elena Aydos – Law
  • Kate Bartlem – Psychology
  • Nattai Borges – Environmental and Life Sciences
  • Sudipta Bose – Business
  • Joyleen Christensen – English Language and Foundation Studies
  • Andrea Coda – Health Sciences
  • Eileen Dowse – Nursing and Midwifery
  • Helen English – Creative Industries
  • Milena Heinsch – Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Elise Kalokerinos – Psychology
  • Tianyi Ma – Environmental and Life Sciences
  • Keasey McLoughlin – Law
  • Mich Smith – Environmental and Life Sciences
  • Jennifer St George – Health Sciences
  • Van Vu – Business and Law

These scholarships provide an opportunity for ECRs to facilitate their own research, mature their leadership capabilities and build their reputation both as a supervisor and as a researcher.

In establishing their research careers, ECRs can find it difficult to secure research funding to support HDR candidates; these scholarships provide an opportunity for ECRs to supervise a fully funded HDR candidate.

These scholarships also fast track the ECR to being a principal HDR supervisor. The ECR must be the principal supervisor for the scholarship recognition but is required to have an experienced supervisor as supervisory mentor and co-supervisor for the candidate.

Further information

Applications closed for 2018