Defence Industry HDR Scholarships

In line with the Commonwealth Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda, the University (UON) is committed to supporting and developing researchers through the provision of dedicated Defence Industry Higher Degree Research (HDR) scholarships in 2016.


Applications close 5pm, Monday 7 November 2016.

The scholarships have been established to support UON researchers by providing opportunities to develop and strengthen defence related research; cybersecurity, control systems, autonomous systems, robotics, simulation modelling, simulation, energy storage, psychology and cognitive sciences, facilitate a suitable industry partnership introduction and provide ongoing support to advance collaboration with a defence or defence-related industry partner, through the provision of HDR scholarships.

Aligning with the NEW Futures ‘driving global and regional impact’ vision, a goal is for the UON to be ‘recognised as a lead University for research engagement and staff mobility between UON and industry’ and these scholarships are fundamental in the achievement of this goal.


The scholarships are designed to provide supported encouragement for the development and advancement of knowledge and expertise which will aid in the defence industry of Australia and will comprise of financial support of tuition fees, a living allowance stipend ($26,288), relocation costs (up to $2,000) and overseas student health insurance as required. Up to 10 scholarships will be available through a competitive process in 2016.

The scholarships are designed to:

  • demonstrate researchers' transferable skills to the defence industry;
  • stimulate innovation by bringing new thinking and skills to collaborative projects;
  • establish and strengthen relationships between the University and the defence industry, and
  • provide HDR researchers with practical experience to increase their employment opportunities outside a research or university setting.

The scholarships aim to bring industry together with the UON. Industry will gain access to research, analytical and problem solving skills and the initiative is designed to offer:

  • new ideas and fresh perspectives to advance innovative projects;
  • access to university skills and technical research expertise;
  • use of a dedicated co-working space at the Innovation Defence Hub, Williamtown, and
  • research supervision opportunities for Industry Partners.

The Innovation Defence Hub offers close proximity to Australian Defence Force, Newcastle Airport and Port, as well as major industry-specific suppliers and subject matter experts. UON is already collaborating with local and international partners located at Williamtown. The UON has acknowledged research strengths in cybersecurity, control systems, autonomous vehicles, simulation modelling and propulsion and energy storage, all of which offer opportunities for engagement with industries locally and nationally positioned in defence.


Applications are open to all UON researchers.

Application Process

Applicants must submit the following documentation to the Dean of Graduate Research, no later than 5pm, Monday 7 November 2016.

  • The completed application form, and
  • A list of the applicants research achievements post the award of their PhD (i.e: a publications list including citation rates and impact factors; conference presentations; income; grant applications; near misses; awards; and professional body associations).

It should be noted that applicants must obtain the support of their Head of School and Assistant Dean Research Training prior as per section 7 of the Defence Industry HDR Scholarship application form.

Applications are invited until 5pm, Monday 7 November 2016.

HDR Candidates

Successful applicants for a HDR candidate scholarship are encouraged to actively recruit the right candidate for their project. The candidate must:

  • be commencing a HDR full time;
  • start no later than 31 March 2017 (note: where an international candidate has been identified, the Dean of Graduate Research, upon written request, may relax the commencement date to allow adequate time for visa processing).
  • meet standard scholarship eligibility criteria

Further information:

Defence industry higher degree research scholarship guidelines