Promoting your research to the media

Raising your profile

Building your profile locally, nationally and internationally in the media and the community will assist with profile building and becoming a "go to" expert for media in your discipline area.

External Media

The University of Newcastle's Media and Public Relations team can help you raise your profile via external media and channels in a number of ways. The team issues media releases and publishes newsworthy research and achievements via a variety of online channels (web, social media etc), as well as responding to daily media requests for expert comment and academic expertise.

All University of Newcastle media releases and the distribution of stories through University channels are via the Media and Public Relations team. Contact the Media and Public Relations team when you have a newsworthy story.

What is a newsworthy story?

  1. Is there a 'wow' factor for particular audiences (community, business and industry etc)?
  2. Is this new? An Australian first? A world first?
  3. Is this related to a current issue in the news?
  4. Who will it benefit? Does it impact people in a significant way?

For further information or to discuss the best channels to promote your story contact the Media and Public Relations team: or +61 2 4921 5577.

Leveraging opportunities

There are a number of ways to independently build reputation as a discipline expert. These include :

Monitoring and scanning for general news stories that relate to your area of expertise and letting the Media and Public Relations team know you are available to comment

Ensuring your researcher web profile is up-to-date as well as other external websites; LinkedIn, ExpertGuide and ResearchGate, to make sure you appear in online searches when expert commentary is sought

  • Join The Conversation academic news website as an expert commentator
    The Conversation
    is an independent source of analysis, commentary and news that aims to connect the university research sector with the public.
    Academics and researchers are registered with the site and contribute feature articles and opinion pieces relating to their area of expertise. The site has increased exposure and readership among key opinion leaders, stakeholders, government, academics and employers in Australia and overseas.
    Media outlets frequently use the site as source of news, with almost 60 per cent of The Conversation's content republished via other media. More than 40 per cent of academics writing for The Conversation have received follow up from other media, as well as approaches from other researchers, business and future students.
    UoN researchers and academics are encouraged to engage with the Conversation by:

For more information about The Conversation contact the Media and Public Relations Team: or +61 2 4985 4049.

  • Provide expert commentary by:
    • writing blogs and opinion columns for the media
    • give public lectures and talks at civic events
    • contribute to UON outreach activities and events (Guest speaker/presenter at UoN Open Days etc)

When you are talking about your research to the media / general public remember:

  • Avoid using jargon and specialised language
  • Focus on one key message at a time
  • Talk about what you know: Don't get drawn into speculation beyond the scope of your research
  • Think about the applications of your research and express them in human terms
  • Try and relate what you have done to your audience's situation and interests
  • Alert and / or seek advice from the Media and Public Relations team when you are dealing with the media.

For further information and guidance please contact the Media and Public Relations: or phone +61 2 4921 5577.

Media Training

For information and guidance about Media training please contact the Media and Public Relations via or phone +61 2 4921 5577.