About NURO

NURO is the University of Newcastle's research publications management system.

NURO searches the Web of Science, Scopus and PubMed databases on a fortnightly basis harvesting potential publications based on individual search settings.

When the system finds potential new publications, you will receive an automated email alert, asking you to 'claim' or 'reject' the publications. You also have the ability to manually enter those publications not found in the online databases. Once a publication is claimed or added within NURO it will appear on your online profile within 48 hours.

A comprehensive guide to using the system, including how to adjust your search settings, is available to download from the 'Help' section within NURO.

Need help?

For trouble logging in
Contact IT Services on 17000 to confirm your University login details are correct.

Help with publications or search settings
Contact Library Services on 4921 5828.

System bugs and running reports
Contact Ros Nyman on 4921 2098.

If this is your first time
Contact the Research Performance and Systems team on 4921 7125