Researcher development workshops

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September 14: The Strategic Researcher

  • This workshop will look holistically at your research and provide advice on productivity and networking and is ideally suited for research teams, collaborators or co-authors, although all researchers will find it useful.

September 14: Shameless Self Promotions

  • In this workshop you will learn strategies for: putting yourself out there, asking for what you want, taking responsibility – not waiting for it to happen, developing your one minute pitch and presenting yourself effectively for promotions, grants and awards.

September 15: Presenting Your Research With Confidence

  • If you're a researcher then at some stage you are going to have to present your findings. It's tempting to get up and just read your paper, but to really speak to your audience you need to be able to communicate skilfully and with conviction. We have all been to dull presentations so it is worth your while spending a little time to learn how to do it properly.