UON Bridging Accounts

UON Bridging accounts are intended to operate as a means for researchers to fund and incur research-related expenses that are not able to be attributed to an active research project.

Bridging accounts are established by consolidating funds which remain after the completion of a research project to the satisfaction of the Funding Agency and where there are no legal requirements to return unspent funds. Prior to funds being moved into a Bridging account the Research Grants team will check that all reports have been submitted and review the legal agreement governing the use of the funds. At this stage only HERDC Category 2 and 3 funds can be moved into a Bridging account.

The full conditions for the movement of funds from a Research account into a Bridging account along with allowable and non-allowable expenditure is listed in the following document.

FINAL UON Guidelines re Restricted Research Cost Collectors (76k)