Program Grants

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Interest in the Scheme

Thinking of applying to the NHMRC Program Grants scheme? Contact as soon as possible to explore the support available for the development of your application.

The Scheme

The Program Grants scheme provides support for high calibre research teams to pursue broad based, multi-disciplinary and collaborative research activities contributing to new knowledge at a leading international level in important areas of health and medical research. The scheme is available for all research approaches relevant to better health, including biomedical, clinical, public health or health services research, and is typically for 5 years.

Applying for funding

The NHMRC's RGMS system must be used to update your CV and profile and to submit your Program Grant application.

Applicants who are not yet registered on RGMS should contact the Research Help Centre at for more information.

Key Dates

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Applications open in RGMS Wednesday 22 March 2017
UON Online Booking System OpensThursday 23 March 2017
Minimum Data Due in RGMS 5:00pm AEST Wednesday 3 May 2017
Eligibility and Compliance Check Period*Thursday 27 April - Wednesday 3 May 2017
UON Deadline for Final Application** 5:00pm AEST Wednesday 10 May 2017
NHMRC Submission Deadline 5:00pm AEST Wednesday 17 May 2017

*Please note:

  • UON Deadline for Final Application requires provision of final, submission-ready proposals and all associated documentation, including a fully signed External Application Coversheet (includes ARC/NHMRC) and all certifications as required by the NHMRC.
  • Schools and Faculties may have their own internal dates for the purpose of peer review/Head of School and Assistant Dean (Research) approval etc. Please contact your School Executive Officer and Faculty Research & Research Training Officer or Faculty Research Development Manager for further information on School/Faculty internal processes.

Please review our ARC/NHMRC Grant Rounds Submission Procedures (PDF) for essential information regarding application submission under this scheme.

Changes to the Program Grant Scheme for 2017

Applicants should note the following changes to the Program Grants scheme-specific Funding Rules for 2017:

  • Wording has been added to clarify applicants' participation in interviews (Section 7.2)
  • Attachment A - Category Descriptors
  • Category Descriptors for Collaborative Gain have been amended
  • Collaborative Gain wording has been amended

Minimum Data Requirements

Minimum data requirements must be entered in RGMS by 5:00pm on Wednesday 3 May 2017 to allow the NHMRC to start sourcing suitable assessors. Applications that fail to satisfy this requirement will not be accepted. Applicants are also reminded to complete the recommended fields below with correct information. Using placeholder text such as "text", "synopsis" or "xx", etc. are not acceptable as minimum data.

Minimum data for the Program Grants scheme consists of the following:

  • A-PA Home (specifically the Administering Institution, Application Title, Synopsis and Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Research)
  • A-RC Research Classification
  • A-RT Research team and commitment (core team members, noting that team members may be added or deleted until the close of applications).



Prior to submission of an application, applicants are to ensure they have read all relevant reference material outlined on the application and peer review sub-pages of the NHMRC Program Grants website.


Program Grants Quanta

Program Grants are awarded on the basis that recent past achievements are the best indicators of future performance. This is why the selection criteria award 60% of available points to each Chief Investigator's record of research achievement.

The budget for Program Grants is also based on this philosophy. Program Grant budgets are not based on the cost of the proposed research and applicants do not submit budget requests; instead, each CI attracts a quantum of funding based on assessment of their track record, as indicated by their individual score for Research Achievements. The budgets offered will generally equate to the sum of the quanta for all CIs on the application.

The 2017 Program Grants quanta rates are provided below as a guide to assist applicants considering a submission to the 2017round.

Research Achievements score range

Quanta Level

2017 annual rate*

6.501 – 7.000



5.501 – 6.500



4.501 – 5.500



3.501 – 4.500



1.000 – 3.500



* Program Grant budgets may be indexed each year.

Submission Process

The CIA must certify the application in RGMS via the Certification tab. This will result in the status changing to 'Submitted to RAO' - which equates to 'Research Administration Office' NOT the NHMRC.

CI and AI certifications are due Wednesday 10 May 2017 along with final, submission-ready proposals and all associated documentation. The application will not be submitted to the NHMRC until our Office has received email certifications from all named CI and AIs.

Access to Successful Applications

Research Services can provide researchers with access to view successful applications where the lead Chief Investigator has provided consent.

Applications must be viewed in hard copy in the Research Services office or by arrangement at HMRI on Tuesdays.

How to Arrange to View a Successful Application

Contact and include preferred date(s), time(s) and location.

Confirmation of the date, time and venue will be provided to you by Research Services staff.

Further Information

For further information please contact or phone 492 17733.