Resources for Researchers applying for Research Grants and Funding


There are a range of funding opportunities and research grants available to University of Newcastle researchers. This page outlines the opportunities available and connects applicants with the relevant information and processes on how to apply.

The Grants Team is also available to help you through the process of preparing and submitting your application for funding.

If you have any questions about any of the funding opportunities listed below please contact the Grants Team.

External Grant Application Submission Procedure

From 1 January 2015 all external research grant applications, including ARC and NHMRC applications, require the provision of a complete and signed Application Coversheet at the time of the application's submission to the Research Office for Eligibility and Compliance Review.

A joint Faculty-Research Services initiative, the Application Coversheet must be signed by the first named Chief Investigator, the Head of School (or delegate nominee) and Assistant Dean (Research). It is the responsibility of the applicant to complete this form, arrange for the signing of the Application Coversheet by the Head of School and Faculty Assistant Dean (Research) and to submit the completed document with the application to the Research Office by the specified Internal Closing Date. Where no Internal Closing Date has been specified, the application and signed Application Coversheet must be provided to the Research Office at minimum one (1) week prior to the Funding Body Deadline.

School and Faculty processes will vary, so you are strongly encouraged to make contact with your School/Faculty support staff early to determine any additional internal requirements.

Important Information

  • Final, submission-ready applications (includes all international grants), a signed External Grant Application Coversheet (includes ARC/NHMRC) (DOC)  and all other required documentation is due to the Research Office at minimum one (1) week prior to the Funding Body deadline unless otherwise specified. This includes all required copies of the application if to be submitted in hard copy.
  • Final, submission-ready ARC and NHMRC Grants are required to be submitted to the Research Office in RMS/RGMS and a signed  External Grant Application Coversheet (includes ARC/NHMRC) (DOC) a minimum two (2) weeks prior to the Funding Body deadline.
  • The Research Office Internal Closing Date is 5:00pm (local time) on the date specified by the Research Office. Applications received after 5:00pm will not be considered having been received by the Internal Closing Date.
  • Overheads are to be included in all external grant budgets, please see the Preparing Research Budgets page for more information.
  • The required Head of Institute signature is arranged by the Research Office. All other signatures are the responsibility of the application

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