This page outlines funding opportunities and research grants available to researchers. It also includes information on processes and how to apply for funding.

The Grants Team at Research Services can help you navigate the process of preparing and submitting your application for funding.

Procedure for Obtaining Eligibility and Compliance Checks

Research Services uses an online booking process for eligibility and compliance checks on applications to external funding bodies. Individual checks will be done on a rolling basis.

The online booking system sees applications released back to researchers on the same day as the eligibility and compliance check.

Eligibility and Compliance Check Period

External/Miscellaneous Grants Submission Procedure

Bookings for eligibility and compliance checks for External/Miscellaneous grant applications must be made on or before 5 working days prior to funding body deadline.


The eligibility and compliance check period will commence shortly after a scheme opens and will end two (2) weeks before the Funding Body closing date.

Researchers will be able to select from available bookings during the eligibility and compliance check period for the specific scheme. The number of bookings available relates to the proximity of the Funding Body closing dates and has been modelled using data from previous application rounds.

Research Services will advertise the dates for the eligibility and compliance check period for each scheme.

This online process will reduce the time that applications are with Research Services for checks and enable researchers to have more time to work on their applications.

How to make a booking

To make a booking for an eligibility and compliance check for an ARC, NHMRC or NHMRC affiliated scheme, you need a valid RMS/RGMS Application ID for an application that has UON listed as the Administering Institution. For external grant schemes without an Application ID, you will need to complete other identifying information about the scheme in the online booking system.

Please note: An Application ID will only secure one booking and cannot be used to make multiple bookings for the same application.

Eligibility and Compliance Check Requirements

Complete applications must be submitted to Research Services before 9:00am (AET) on the morning of your booking.

How to submit your completed application to Research Services

ARC applications

Select the "Submit to Research Office" button in the application screen in RMS.

NHMRC applications

Select the Certification tab in RGMS, select CI Certification, select Do you want to Certify and select Yes.

NHMRC affiliated (eg Cancer Australia, Cancer Council NSW) applications

Submit as per NHMRC applications and send additional application material via email to Please note you will need to provide ALL separate applications to Research Services by 9:00am on the day of your booking to secure an Eligibility and Compliance Check given the eligibility overlap of these applications.

Other External Funding Body schemes

Email a PDF of the application and a complete fully signed coversheet by 9:00am on the date of your booking to

Please go to our External/Miscellaneous Grant Submission Procedure page for further information on the External/Miscellaneous application procedure regarding Eligibility and Compliance Checks and submission.

Please note: No secondary eligibility and compliance checks will be undertaken by Research Services. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure their application meets all the requirements of the relevant scheme.

Deadline for Final Application

The final application deadline is 5:00pm, one week before the Funding Body scheme closing date. After this deadline, Research Services will ensure all required documentation is received for each application ready for submission. A week is necessary given the volume of applications, overlap of schemes, and past history of online submission system failure during the crucial final hours.

For an application to be submitted to the Funding Body, a complete, submission ready application and all associated documentation must be provided to Research Services by or before the Deadline for Final Application. Associated documentation includes a fully signed External Grant Application Coversheet (includes ARC/NHMRC) (DOC) and all ARC/NHMRC Certifications.

ARC/NHMRC Timeline for Applications

Shortly after scheme opens Bookings open in Online Booking System
Eligibility and Compliance check dates advertised
Two week before Funding Body scheme closing date Bookings close in Online Booking System
One week before Funding Body scheme closing date Final, completed application and associated documentation due to Research Services
Funding Body scheme closing date Research Services submits applications to Funding Body

Application Coversheet

All external research grant applications, including ARC and NHMRC, require a completed and signed External Grant Application Coversheet (includes ARC/NHMRC) (DOC). This is to be provided at the time of submission to Research Services by the advertised UON Deadline for Final Application for the scheme (one week prior to the Funding Body closing date).

A joint Faculty-Research Services initiative, the coversheet must be signed by the:

  1. First named Chief Investigator (CIA),
  2. Head of School (or delegate nominee) and
  3. Faculty Assistant Dean (Research).

It is the applicant's responsibility to complete this form, arrange for it to be signed by the Head of School and Faculty Assistant Dean (Research), and to submit the completed document, along with the application, to Research Services by the specified UON Deadline for Final Application. .

Where no UON Deadline for Final Application has been specified, the application and signed coversheet must be provided to Research Services a minimum of one (1) week prior to the Funding Body Deadline.

As School and Faculty processes may vary, we strongly encourage you to make contact with your School/Faculty support staff early on to determine any additional internal requirements or deadlines.



Information on current and future ARC or NHMRC grant funding opportunities can now be found on the Australian Government’s whole-of-government grants information system GrantConnect. For more information, watch the GrantConnect video.

GrantConnect is the authoritative source for potential grant applicants to find and access Commonwealth grant opportunities and grant opportunity guidelines.

The GrantConnect helpdesk (run by Department of Finance) can be reached on 1300 484 145, between 9am and 5pm (AEDT) Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays or via email.

ARC Certification Proformas (Written Evidence)

The ARC requires that the Research Office hold all Certification (Written Evidence) prior to submitting an ARC application for consideration. Written Evidence of agreement is required from all parties on each application, granting their authority for the proposed project to proceed. This is mandatory for all CIs, PIs and Australian Partner Organisations.

The Research Office requires the provision of an email from each participant, and the CEO of each participating Australian organisation - agreeing to the conditions outlined in the Certification (Written Evidence) template located on each of the scheme webpages that require Certifications (Written Evidence).

Once the lead CI has received all Certifications (Written Evidence) emails please forward them in a single email to

Please note that a signature is required from the Head of School/Department for any CI/PIs not located at the University of Newcastle (excluding any CI planning to move institution or any PI from an overseas institution).

NHMRC CI and AI Certification

The NHMRC requires that the Research Office hold all CI and AI Certifications prior to submitting an application to the NHMRC.

Certification of agreement by all parties to allow the proposed project to proceed is mandatory for all CIs and AIs. The Research Office require the provision of an email by each participant agreeing to the conditions outlined in the CI/AI Certification template located on each of each of the scheme webpages that require Certifications. Once the lead CI receives all Certification emails please forward them in a single email to as a matter of priority.

Important Information

  • Overheads should be included in all external grant budgets. Please see the Preparing Research Budgets page for more information.
  • The required Head of Institute signature is arranged by Research Services. The applicant is responsible for obtaining all other signatures.

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