Research Engagement and Impact

2018 Engagement and Impact Assessment (EI 2018)

It is understood the EI 2018 assessment will not run alongside ERA 2018 as a complementary exercise. It is anticipated that all 22 Fields of Research (FoRs) will be assessed, as will interdisciplinary collaboration and Indigenous research. It is not expected that the ARC will provide further details regarding the EI 2018 until the EI pilot reporting period is complete in the latter part of 2017.

EI Assessment and ERA

The 2017 EIAP will rely on a range of engagement indicator data from previously submitted 2012 and 2015 ERA results. The reference periods for the engagement indicator data and the definition of research is consistent with the ERA submissions. It is anticipated that the EI 2018 assessment will be similarly aligned to the definitions and reference periods for ERA 2018, however the full extent of the relationship between the EI and ERA beyond 2018 is not known at this time.

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