ERA steering committee

The ERA 2018 Steering Committee consists of the following members:

ERA Steering Committee 
Professor Kevin Hall
Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice President - Global Engagement and Partnerships (Chair)           

Manager, Strategy and Performance

Dr Paula Jones
Director, Research and Innovation 
Professor Deborah Hodgson
Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation
Dr Sarah Pearson
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Industry Engagement and Innovation
Professor Steve Larkin
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Education and Research
Professor John Germov
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Education and Arts
Professor Brett Ninness
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment
Professor Jim Jose
Assistant Dean of Research, Faculty of Business and Law 
Professor Robert Callister
Deputy Head of Faculty / ADR, Faculty of Health and Medicine 
Professor Rosalind Smith
Assistant Dean of Research, Faculty of Education and Arts 
Professor Stephen Fityus
Assistant Dean of Research, Engineering and Built Environment 
Associate Professor Juanita Todd
Assistant Dean of Research, Faculty of Science 
Professor Steven Weller
Deputy Head of Faculty, Engineering and Built Environment
Professor Hugh Craig
School of Humanities and Social Science 
Professor Rebecca Mitchell
Newcastle Business School
Laureate Professor Paul Foster
School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy 
Professor James Jackson
Head of School, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
Professor Adam McCluskey
School of Environmental and Life Sciences 
Associate Professor Jenny Cameron
School of Environmental and Life Sciences

Professor George Willis
School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Professor SueAnne Ware
Head of School, Architecture and Built Environment

Mrs Tanya Peterkin
Team Leader Strategic Initiatives, Research and Innovation