Cluster Advisory Groups

The development of the University's 2018 ERA submission will be guided at the FoR code level by Cluster Advisory Groups (CAG). This is the same consultative approach adopted for the 2015, 2012 and 2010 submissions.

Chairs of the 8 Cluster Groups
Cluster 1 - Physical Chemical and Earth Sciences (PCE) Professor Adam McCluskey
Cluster 2 - Humanities and Creative Arts (HCA) Professor Rosalind Smith
Cluster 3 - Engineering and Environmental Sciences (EE) Professor Steve Weller
Cluster 4 - Education and Human Society (EHS) Associate Professor Jenny Cameron
Cluster 5- Economics and Commerce (EC) Professor Jim Jose
Cluster 6 - Mathematical, Information and Computing Sciences (MIC) Professor George Willis
Cluster 7 - Biological and Biotechnical Sciences (BB) Professor Peter Lewis
Cluster 8 - Medical and Health Sciences (MHS) Professor Robert Callister