General principles of operation

The Trial will be underpinned by the following general principles:

  • The development of the EIA should look to leverage the work performed in developing the UK REF where appropriate.
  • The EIA will be retrospective rather than prospective.
  • There be no explicit excellence threshold for submissions but the impact should show a link to underpinning research.
  • The EIA should take a verifiable approach to evidence in submissions (as opposed to verifying all evidence).
  • Impact will be primarily assessed by means of case-studies for all disciplines.
  • Performance data for the underpinning research will also be included in the impact submissions.
  • Research underpinning a submitted impact should be attributed to the institutions(s) at which the research was generated regardless of any subsequent change in affiliation of researchers involved (including where academics have retired or left academia).  Impact can be apportioned across institutions where the research was undertaken by staff at two different institutions.