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Electron Microscope and X-Ray Unit (EMX)

The EMX LabThe Electron Microscope and X-Ray Unit (EMX) provides a service to all university departments. It is located next to the Psychology Building on Architecture Way.

The unit has facilities for

Equipment and Contacts

Electron Microscope

Equipment Location Contact
Philips XL30 SEM + Oxford ISIS EDS
+ Gatan MiniCathodoluminescence Detector
Zeiss Sigma VP FESEM
+ Bruker light element SSD EDS detector
SPI Carbon coating unit AVLG29
SPI Gold sputter coating unit AVLG29
Edwards 306 evaporator AVLG29
Cressington 208 Carbon Coater AVLG29
Balzers Critical Point Drier AVLG29
+ Digital Imaging
JEOL 2100 LaB6
TEM with STEM and EDS system
Gatan PIPS Ion-beam thinner  AVLG29
Leica Ultracut S Microtome AVLG29

X-Ray Equipment

Equipment Location Contact
Philips X'Pert MPD XRD with 45 position sample changer/spinner, multipurpose sample stage and air atmosphere hot stage to 1600°C, monochromator, thin film and grazing incidence setup, stress anlaysis. AVLG36
Jenny Zobec
T: (02) 4921 5667
F: (02) 4921 7019