Booking and Training


The ABRF have established different levels of use depending on the type of equipment and the needs of the researcher. These are:

  • Internal customers – low level users and students. Researchers at the University of Newcastle who are casual users of the facility can utilise the ABRF services. Samples are sent to the facility and processed by the trained ABRF staff. A report of results will then be provided to the researcher. Training on the use of the equipment is not offered to low level users of the equipment or to undergraduates. Honours students will be considered on an individual basis.
  • Internal customers with ongoing needs. Where it is envisaged that a research project will require an ongoing, high level usage of certain pieces of ABRF equipment, training may be offered to research staff or post-graduate students. Only after the appropriate training is completed will these users then have access to hands-on use of ABRF equipment to process samples.

Please contact the relevant ABRF staff member to discuss the specific needs of your research.

Where it is established that training is required a suitable time will be booked where the researcher will be provided with Standard Operating Procedures for the appropriate equipment as well as procedures for subsequent use, booking and charges, safety procedures and rules of the lab.

Instrument Booking

An online booking calendar is available for several pieces of ABRF equipment. The calendars will only allow researchers to see when equipment time is available, please click on the link below corresponding to your chosen equipment.

To make a booking please contact the relevant staff member for the equipment with details of the preferred date of analysis, type of analysis required and sample numbers.

Ion Trap Email Nathan Smith
Q-ToF Email Nathan Smith
ToF/ToF Email Nathan Smith
FACSCalibur Manual bookings are done through a diary located next to the machine. 
Users off campus should contact Nicole Cole via email or phone on (02) 492 18702
GC-MSEmail Tony Rothkirch
HR-ICP MSEmail Tony Rothkirch

Please note: If you do not wish to utilise your booking, please ensure that you cancel it as soon as possible.

Sample Preparation

The ABRF's machines are highly sensitive and as such, sample preparation is extremely important.  Please contact ABRF staff for the SOP for your chosen analysis.